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Evidian IDaaS is the unique convergence of Access and Governance from a Single Pane of Glass.

With Evidian IDaaS, companies can manage their applications' SSO, MFA, Federation, Provisioning, User Life Cycle in just a few clicks.

Access Features

Access Features

Governance Features

Governance Features

Secure Cloud Single Sign-On

Adaptive MFA

Access policy

One central point for access and account management

Ready-to-use preconfigured applications for access and provisioning

Role/Organization based security policy

IdP Proxy & API protection

Self-enrolment and account activation

Frictionless authentication to your AD domain

Business-oriented workflow processes

Recertification campaigns

Auditing and Monitoring

What can you do with Evidian IDaaS Access & Governance?

Access advantages

Governance advantages

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Analytics features for Evidian IDaaS Access & Governance

Evidian IDaaS comes with a complete set of features to answer monitoring and compliance needs for internal or external audits processes and regulations.

The Evidian IDaaS Analytics features deliver valuable business information in an intuitive and dynamic interface. Pre-configured business-related dashboards and reports will also let admin users identify trends and patterns on the usage of the solution and highlight suspicious practices.

The Evidian IDaaS analytics features also provide the ability to recover values of objects at a given time in the past and to perform root cause analysis through a foolproof user interface, to navigate inside the audit information.

The customization and creation of new dashboards and reports can also be done by business individuals without technical knowledge.

Evidian Products - Protect your company from cyber attacks by unauthorized users

Identity as-a-service

Evidian takes care of everything related to your Identity and Access Management with IDaaS

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Identity Governance and Administration

Manage access and authorization of all your users in your company

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Web Access Manager

Gateway for web apps with SSO, multi-factor authentication, identity federation

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Monitoring and powerful reporting for regulatory compliance

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Authentication Manager

Authentication Manager

Enterprise multi-factor & passwordless authentication on Windows PCs

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Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO)

Secure access to legacy and web apps on PCs & mobiles with SSO

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Self Service Password Reset (SSPR)

Reset Windows passwords online and offline

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High availability software for Evidian and partner applications

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Evidian IAM leader in the French and German markets and in U.S. Public Sector

Evidian IAM

Evidian IAM cyber security tools and solutions – Leader in Identity and Access Management in France

Evidian IAM

Evidian IAM cyber security tools and solutions – Leader in Identity and Access Management in Germany

Evidian IAM

Evidian IAM cyber security tools and solutions – Leader in Identity and Access Management in U.S. Public Sector

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